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WealthE is digital investing. A platform custom-designed for those beginning to invest who appreciate the freedom and control of an online experience.

A partnership with Charles Schwab, together with an experienced advisory team at Berkshire Money Management allows you to establish a savings strategy based on your goals, your aspirations and your tolerance for risk. Best of all, WealthE puts you at the helm of your investment strategy now, with the support of seasoned experts.

Establish Your Account

Fill out our Getting Started Form, enter your Special Access Code, and advance through the Account Opening Process.

If you would like some more personalized advice once your account is established, schedule an appointment with a Berkshire Money Management professional. We’ll discuss your specific needs – paying for college or a new home? A big trip or planning to retire early? We’ll help create a sound financial plan that meets your goals.

Our advisors will help assess your portfolio and make course corrections based on your objectives and risk comfort. We’ll check in to review your investment strategy and update your financial plan.

WealthE uses technology-based programs to provide clients with discretionary asset management with limited human interaction through an online, electronic-based delivery model. In contrast to traditional advisory relationships where investment adviser personnel typically interact with clients to form a basis for the investment advice given, automated investment programs and platforms such as WealthE rely on other techniques such as online questionnaires to gather client information in order to make suitability determinations for their clients. Limited human interaction between investment advisory personnel and clients presents unique challenges and risks. If there is no human interaction or limited human interaction involved in an automated investment program, there is no opportunity or less opportunity to explain the context for the questions asked, to ask follow-up questions about a client’s responses, to provide assistance to clients completing the questionnaire or to address inconsistencies in client responses. Moreover, an adviser may have limited information and transparency on the algorithms designed and maintained by third-party program sponsors or participants. Even small changes to the algorithms used may cause significant changes to a client’s investment account. Consequently, automated investment programs should only be used by individuals not requiring sophisticated modeling or frequent personal interactions with advisory personnel and those comfortable with the technical aspects of a particular investment platform. For some clients, comprehensive advisory services offered by Berkshire Money Management may be more appropriate.