Digital Process

Step 1:

Click Get Started Now and enter your name and email. You will then be directed to Institutional Intelligent Portfolios (Charles Schwab Corporation) to complete the application process. You may also want to download the Institutional Intelligent Portfolios mobile app for iPhone or Android to access your account.

Step 2:

Enroll in your new account by answering some simple strategic questions that help to shape your investor profile. Set up a username and password to access your account, and provide some personal information to complete the application. Within 24 hours of completing your application, you will receive two notifications from WealthE.

  • A Welcome to WealthE Email
  • A Berkshire Money Management Financial Email via DocuSign completes the account setup with your eSignature.

Step 3:

Once you have eSigned the documents and completed the account set up with your eSignature, an advisor will review your portfolio, make appropriate course corrections and confirm your account. Once deposits are transferred to your WealthE account, funds may be invested right away, although it usually takes one additional trading day for funds to be invested. Your initial deposits will not be invested until your advisor has seen and approved your portfolio. We’ll forward a notification once your account has been invested.